Attention Walmart shoppers! The retail giant has been facing some negative press lately, so we are about to give them some good news! CEO Greg Foran is starting big – he’s replacing the lighting in almost all of his stores with LED lighting to lower the company’s carbon footprint!

Retail LED has been one of the biggest growing sectors in the LED market thanks to fashion houses and big box retailers alike using them.

So why is Foran making the switch? He did some investigating and found what we have known for years: LED retails stores have more guest traffic, sell more, and have lower bills!

“We want this year to be the year of improving our stores,” Foran told investors in April, according to a transcipt of his remarks. “So by the time we hit holiday season, our stores are clean, tidy, well merchandised and run by engaged associates. Today in the main, we’re not.”

He talked about making his stores a better place: “I am pleased to tell you that this project is now well underway and we’ll roll it out sensibly and carefully over the next 18 months to 24 months. We’re establishing customer decision trees based on data about how our customers shop; building substitutability in loyalty tool to assist with choice; and driving disciplines around the design and building of modulus and store all of this and much more fits into the space.”

LED lighting fixtures help with displays, safety, and cleanliness. Not only that, but it has been shown to put shoppers in a better mood and boost the amount of money they spend by nearly 20%.

Not only that, but LED parking lights and LED wallpacks will help the 24-hour retailers bring in more customers overnight. The lights will help customers feel safer and more secure parking and walking into the stores.

To get an idea of how to incorporate LED lights into your business, even if you aren’t quite the retail giant that Walmart is (and really, who is?), contact us today to find out what you could really benefit from.