Color Tempertature:

Commercial White (5000-5500K)


> 30,000 hours


5 years

The INITIAL-LED injection module has a nice, ergonomic shape and is impact-resistant, being made out of ABS material. Each square is 3cm by 3cm and has 4 diodes; the whole fixture of 20 squares therefore measures 60cm and has a total of 80 diodes. The INITIAL-LED Injection LED Module is used by thousands of business owners to enhance the visibility of their business sign, being used and specified by many signage professionals. People use them in their outdoor company signs and have confirmed their effectiveness at attracting more customers because of their bright company logo.

By using our injection LED units, some of our clients have saved up to 50% of their electricity bill annually. This fixture is sealed with a transparent epoxy resin, making it waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. It also has good temperature-resistance properties, being able to withstand temperatures ranging from -35°C to 40°C. The LM-80 report for this unit guarantees a light efficiency of more than 80% and a lifespan of more 30000 hours, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with our injection module compared to your current lighting. The exact color temperature of this fixture is Commercial White™ (5000°K-5500°K) and the Color Rendering Index is 80, making this fixture not a blinding one, but a good eye-catcher.

Our reputed 1.4W Injection LED Module comes with certifications from laboratories such as IP65, RoHS, CE and ETL, making this product one of the most reliable on the market. Easy to use and install, this LED unit comes with a 3M tape on the back with integrated holes that allow you to screw this unit onto any preferred surface.  Our injection LED unit has a beam angle of 120°, so the lighting is beautifully distributed across the full length of the lighted area. The input voltage of 12V makes this fixture universally usable. Other than for signage purposes, the INITIAL-LED injection module is broadly used for indoor decoration, channel lettering, back lighting and edge lighting.

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