All 360-Degree INITIAL-LED Street Lights are cULus-certified and are available in 27W, 36W and 54W, the equivalent of 250W to 500W in output (approximately 3000 to 5600 lumens). They fit into a Goliath base socket (E40) and offer a simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to replace Sentinel lights.READ MORE +

The heavy-duty INITIAL-LED 27W 360-Degree Bulbs have been developed to replace regular style street lights as well as reflector-type lamps. The light is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and is often installed in parking lots to replace lantern style lights.

Composed of a single, long-lasting high-power LED that integrates several chips into one lighting source, the strong-capacity 360-Degree Bulbs has no start-up delay. The lamps reach their full lighting capacity as soon as they are turned on.

They replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps with a reliable LED light source to enhance lighting quality while using less energy than old-fashioned bulbs. The die-cast aluminum alloy bodies provides efficient heat dissipation which extends the lifespan of the units to >60000 hours.LESS –

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