Also known as INITIAL-LED’s Touch Lights, the LED Track Light Series is an innovative breakthrough in our vast product line of LED lights. The LED Track Light Series stems from INITIAL-LED’s efforts to continuously develop LED solutions to meet its clients’ needs.


We have been inundated with requests from clients for an LED product that could light up all sorts of smaller spots: dark corners of their office, under their kitchen cabinets, above their countertops or on their workbenches in garages. To meet this need, the INITIAL-LED R&D Team has developed a design so versatile that it can be used almost everywhere.

Each unit can be attached securely in any position, to any metallic surface (e.g., an underlying metal corner in a Gyprock wall) using magnets, or with the help of two preinstalled 3M tape metal brackets that can be stacked anywhere and on any surface. The name “Touch Light” comes from the sleek design of the on/off switch that is activated with the slightest touch.

The INITIAL-LED Track Light’s lighting output is similar to that of a T5 unit, but consumes far less electricity while lasting much longer. This product’s lifetime is about 50000 hours, or 15 to 17 years of residential use. With lengths ranging from 1, 2 and 3.5 feet, INITIAL-LED’s Track Lights have proven to provide reliable lighting output in any surrounding.


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