Finally available to our North American clients, the INITIAL-LED High Bay Series is a significant breakthrough in the lighting industry.

INITIAL-LED’s solid and quality-assured high bays replace metal halide or high pressure sodium lights with a reliable LED to enhance lighting quality while using less energy than the old-fashioned high bays. They also help to avoid major disruptions due to maintenance, since their lifespans exceed 50000 hours.


INITIAL-LED’s high bays range from 60W to 300W. They are available for 85-265V industrial environments and 347V commercial environments.

The INITIAL-LED High Bay Series works best in high-ceiling environments in need of proper lighting such as warehouses, factories, shops and gymnasiums.

They provide uniform lighting, zero dark patches and good color rendering with an up to 30% higher luminosity output. When it comes to replacing your worn-out fixtures, no other product in the U.S. or Canada compares to the INITIAL-LED High Bay Series.

All units are cULus-certified and available in 60W, 100W, 150W, 240W and 300W and in the same range of wattage available for up to 265V and 347V. Let us help you find the right high bay for your working environment.

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