INITIAL-LED’s high-quality LED bulbs improve your living space by providing a better lighting quality, durability, and improved efficiency that only LED lights can offer.

A perfect blend of style, technology and efficiency, the INITIAL-LED A19 LED bulbs look very similar to usual light bulbs. With savings of up to 50% in energy, these lights are increasingly adopted by a broad range of industries. INITIAL-LED’s exclusive 4W A19 LED bulb emits the same light output as a 35W bulb and has a lifespan of over 50000 hours.


The INITIAL-LED 7W and 11W golfball lamps are viable alternatives to 60W and 100W incandescent, high-power light bulbs. Until now, LED bulbs were limited to a fairly small wattage, but thanks to CHPL (Certified High Power LED) technology, it is now possible to increase output while reducing power consumption. A dimmable option is also available.

INITIAL-LED’s LED GU10 lamp offers a more efficient alternative to the standard GU10 halogen lamp. Most North American households use GU10 halogens. These lights generate a lot of heat, using up to about 95% of the energy it takes to operate the lamp, and leaving only 5% of the total energy consumed to actually produce lighting. To remedy this problem, INITIAL-LED has developed a cooling design made of aluminum that dissipates heat efficiently. The result is a bulb that remains cool to the touch, has an extra-long lifetime and produces next to no heat and no UV or infrared radiation for a power consumption that is minimal compared to halogen lamps. For instance, a 5W LED GU10 lamp produces as much light as a 50W halogen light.

The MR16 lamp is INITIAL-LED’s latest technological breakthrough. With a light output of 438 lumens at a color temperature of 2700°K-3500°K, 80 CRI and a consumption of only 5.3W, it is the ideal replacement for halogen lamps. The INITIAL-LED MR16 LED lamp is Energy Star approved. It is easily installed into existing fixtures, and is suited for downlights and trackings. It is your best choice in terms of durability and energy efficiency.

Our vast selection will surely meet your lighting needs. All INITIAL-LED products offer a 5-year warranty. INITIAL-LED offers a wide range of heavy duty bulbs and we are happy to discuss the specific lighting needs for your industrial or commercial application with you.


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