Summer means campfires, backyard barbecues, and late night swims. However, with summer and warmth also comes tons and tons of bugs that gather around lights, seeking warmth once the temperature drops. If only there was an ideal lighting solution that wouldn’t give off heat so that bugs don’t gather. There is! LED lights emit less heat and UV rays than traditional lighting does, and outdoor LEDs emit even less than the indoor ones. Less heat means fewer bugs. It also means that you aren’t spending tons of money on electricity – which is great for when you are already running pool pumps 24/7. Some lighting solutions work better than others when it comes to outdoor LED lighting, however.

LED wall packs are great because they go right on the side of your house and emit light out. Most of what you do outside at night is centered around that part of your home anyway. INITIAL-LED suggests using the 30W LED Wall pack or the 50W LED Wall Mounted Fixture, depending on what your needs are. Obviously the 50W light is brighter, which is better for bigger and deeper backyards. These lights are super easy to install and will give you light for seasons and seasons, meaning they will eliminate bug colonies from moving in, but they will also help you see during the snowy months when you have to walk outside early in the morning.

At INITIAL-LED, we love summer just as much as you do. We know how annoying bugs can be and want to provide you with outdoor LED fixtures that won’t just eliminate the bugs, but will also light up your nights so that you keep having fun even when the sun goes down. Write us a message and let us know which outdoor LED fixtures you would like for your projects.