A true pioneer in the LED industry, INITIAL-LED has been improving its photometry methods and technology for years. Our team offers one of the most accurate measurements of light in industrial, commercial and residential environments. It is no mistake that our photometry service has been quoted by many as being “the best in Canada”. We have selected the most qualified photometry engineers and the most advanced photometric technology to give you the most precise results. Neglecting your light levels can be destructive for you and your workers. Take action now!

We truly have only one intention when we visit your installations: to know if your lighting is sufficient enough for yourself, your employees and your customers. Having dark spots or improper lighting in a working environment can lead to bad working conditions, a lack of productivity, safety issues, security issues and even health issues like depression. The importance of having a clear and balanced light output is crucial and INITIAL-LED’s photometry engineers can clearly tell you about your current lighting conditions. Call us and speak to one of our photometry specialists to hear how photometry can dramatically improve your business.


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For over 5 years, INITIAL-LED’s Research and Development team has developed, installed and tested advanced lighting technologies to deliver the best LED lighting fixture the market has to offer. INITIAL-LED’s experts now offer a turnkey new fixtures and retrofit installation service for businesses seeking to modernize their lighting.

INITIAL-LED continuously serves business owners from all over Canada and the U.S. We ensure that obsolete lights (HPS, Metal Halide, Fluo Compact, Incandescent, Fluorescent tubes) are replaced with Hi-Quality, reasonable-cost fixtures. We also ensure they are recycled in a safe and environmentally fashion in full respect of federal regulation in the U.S and Canada.

INITIAL-LED fixtures uses less energy and are environmental-friendly, making them the right investment for business seeking to rapidly cut down on energy costs. Our lighting systems will provide a fast return on investment while enhancing working conditions, reducing work incidents and better the overall look of your facilities by improving color rendering indexes. We also will make sure your requirements on the lighting output will be met in each parts of your building.

Our turnkey services include:

  • Technical inspection and evaluation of the current fixtures
  • Analysis of energy consumption data and recommendations
  • implementation of a conversion strategy from your old equipment’s to LED lighting
  • Supplying the right lighting products for your application
  • Future inspections of your LED installation
  • Monitoring of the install to ensure the highest output from the product
  • Qualified & Certified Electricians Installers to a discounted rate

When contacting INITIAL-LED’s install department, your questions will be answered by our dedicated Installation LED lighting specialists in our Canadian Office of Montreal, these professionals are highly qualified and trained to make sure each and every dollars you spend on power for your lighting goes towards the highest saving. We have had several Provincial Governments subsidized projects over the years and we can leverage that knowledge to help you increase you saving so this can be put toward your company growth instead of a waste of money due to obsolete technologies.

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INITIAL-LED has vast experience when it comes to evaluating your current installations. Having watched many businesses lose huge amounts of money with their electricity bills, INITIAL-LED decided to help people convert to LED. We now offer an evaluation service that helps business-owners to evaluate the advantages of converting to LED. The best part of it: we do it for FREE. What could you lose? Give us a call right now at 1 855-677-3889 and see how beneficial LED can be for your business.