Because of the cold Canadian winters, growing outdoor vegetables and fruits all year round can be a difficult undertaking. It is unfortunately not possible for all the farmers to rely on greenhouse cultivation, which can be highly expensive. Not only must you have good lighting to ensure the growth of your plants, but you must also have an efficient air conditioning. In fact, traditional HPS grow lights produce heat that increases your overall energy costs. All these factors can lead you to abandon indoor vegetable growing and its profits. All of this is now history with LED Grow Lights.


You can now benefit from indoor gardening at a cost-effective price by switching to LED technologies. LED grow lights such as those manufactured by INITIAL-LED have many advantages:

They are energy efficient

  • Since 90% of energy consumption is used to produce light,LED grow lights generate little heat and thus reduce the need for air conditioning. Reducing your greenhouse temperature and your power consumption will allow you to save a lot on energy costs.

They are long-lasting

  • As LED lights normally have a lifespan of around 60,000 hours, you will not have to worry about constantly changing your lamps. This represents more savings over time and makes indoor growing affordable for many farmers.

They are optimized for plants growth

  • Because of their full color spectrum, which accurately reproduces the sun’s spectrum, LED grow lights provide to your plants the light and phytochromes they need to grow faster, bigger and healthier.



INITIAL-LED offers grow lights solutions that are suitable for many agricultural applications, from hydroponics to horticulture, greenhouses, medicinal cannabis culture, seeding, planting, farming, gardening and flower exhibition. Give us a call now at 1 855-677-3889 for more advices on our LED products.