The industries that have to deal with hazardous and explosive elements have long relied on expensive explosion-proof lighting that made holes in their budget. Today, miners, oil and offshore workers, engineers and manufacturers can count on a more cost-effective technology to provide a safe lighting solution to their working environment. As reducing the total cost of lighting is important to every industry owner, replacement of their old lighting technology by Explosion-Proof LED fixtures should be part of their next great moves. Several benefits are to be considered when planning to replace outdated, high energy consumption lamps, floodlights and fixtures.


As LED lights have no electrodes or filaments, they are way more solid than any incandescent or gas discharge lamp. They will last longer and will eliminate the chances of explosion. In fact, Explosion-Proof LEDs are the safest light emitting devices that can be used in the mining industry and on offshore oil and gas platforms. Unlike incandescent or gas discharge lamps, LED lights are cost-effective, energy efficient and they light up as soon as you turn them on. This makes Explosion-Proof LED lights a perfect solution for industries who look forward to reduce their overall energy costs and who want to increase their incomes.


Furthermore, LED lights have an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, giving the mining and oil industries workers more time to focus on improving their productivity instead of wasting time to maintain their lighting system.


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