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1000W LED Floodlight wins INITIAL-LED the Most Innovative Product Prize


After an intense month filled with tradeshow exhibitions, nothing could have been more rewarding to us than obtaining the Most Innovative Product prize at the Contech Tradeshow. The product which made us win that prize? None other than our famous 1000W LED Floodlight.

We use this amazing product to light up entire soccer stadiums, Olympic pools, hockey arenas, music events and other big areas in need of consistent lighting. What makes it so unique? Well, the fact that such a powerful lumen source can emerge from a low consumption technology, namely the LED.

The panel of judges was composed of engineers, environmental consultants, architects, project managers, property managers and electrical contractors, as you can see in the official Contech Prize award document. One of the reasons the judges chose INITIAL-LED, they said, is because the product is not only one of a kind in Québec, Canada, but it is also good looking and made to a high-grade quality.

Not only were the judges amazed by the product, the buyers – which were mainly electrical engineers, electrical contractors and buying department managers – were too. Many have mentioned that they admired the product’s quality, INITIAL-LED’s customer service and the 5-year-long warranty that comes with each of our products. We bet that they also appreciated the free samples of small products we gave them too!

We would like to thank our team of representatives that worked hard at the tradeshow, but also the buyers that contributed to obtaining the price. Thank you and for featuring us on your website.  For everyone we met that wants to stay in touch with us, feel free to give us a call at toll free 1 855-677-3889.

See you all next year!

Explosion-Proof LED for Industrial Fields



The industries that have to deal with hazardous and explosive elements have long relied on expensive explosion-proof lighting that made holes in their budget. Today, miners, oil and offshore workers, engineers and manufacturers can count on a more cost-effective technology to provide a safe lighting solution to their working environment. As reducing the total cost of lighting is important to every industry owner, replacement of their old lighting technology by Explosion-Proof LED fixtures should be part of their next great moves. Several benefits are to be considered when planning to replace outdated, high energy consumption lamps, floodlights and fixtures.


As LED lights have no electrodes or filaments, they are way more solid than any incandescent or gas discharge lamp. They will last longer and will eliminate the chances of explosion. In fact, Explosion-Proof LEDs are the safest light emitting devices that can be used in the mining industry and on offshore oil and gas platforms. Unlike incandescent or gas discharge lamps, LED lights are cost-effective, energy efficient and they light up as soon as you turn them on. This makes Explosion-Proof LED lights a perfect solution for industries who look forward to reduce their overall energy costs and who want to increase their incomes.


Furthermore, LED lights have an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, giving the mining and oil industries workers more time to focus on improving their productivity instead of wasting time to maintain their lighting system.


INITIAL-LED is a manufacturer and distributor who really cares for the safety of workers in the mining and oil industries, and that’s why we are proud to offer one of the most complete range of Explosion-Proof LED lighting. Give us a call at 1 855-677-3889 and see what we can do for you.



It is that beautiful time of the year when we start to spend more and more time outdoors, enjoying the beauty that nature provides. We need to think that this beauty won’t be lasting eternally if we keep polluting the planet like we actually do.

At INITIAL-LED, we happen to think one of the best ways to start your journey to becoming more environmentally friendly is to start from your lighting, by investing in LED.

Environmental Benefits

If you have even spent a few moments reading through our blog, you will know that LED lighting is extremely ecofriendly. Most people don’t understand why they are green, however. LEDS are low voltage and energy efficient, meaning they reduce the energy demands from the coal-fired power plants. This means that your home will require less coal for lighting, resulting in fewer carbon emissions in the air, shrinking your footprint. LEDs also require no toxic chemicals in production, so there won’t be any toxic runoff to waterways or in landfills.

But do you really think the only benefits will be for the environment?

Financial Benefits

Going green is great for your wallet as well! Since LEDs are extremely durable, they save you money in replacement parts. Since they use less energy, they will save you money on your electricity bills. Finally, since they don’t use as much energy, they don’t burn out as quickly! LEDs are rated to stay lit for a minimum of 50,000 hours, nearly quadruple the time of some incandescent bulbs!

Plus, many places will give you environmental tax credits for your LED fixtures! CHA-CHING!

Home Benefits

While these benefits are a little more of a matter of opinion, we tend to think that LED lights make your house a much more comfortable, beautiful place to be.

Why not consider adding some LED lights to your home to help the environment and improve your personal home style?

If you are interested in finding out more about green lighting, LED fixtures, or anything to do with the green movement, you can talk to one of our customer service representatives today! We would be glad to set you up with a free estimate of how much your home or business can save with eco lighting!



Greg Rudolph, a skateboarder from Phoenix, Arizona is taking LED lighting to a completely different level. Rudolph developed adhesive LED underglow lights for skateboards, longboards, and scooters.  While he doesn’t disclose numbers, he says that he has seen a 114% increase in sales since last year – proof that he is onto something special.

“Board Blazers has been more successful than I ever imagined,” he said. “The beauty is in the simplicity. I didn’t invent the LED light and I didn’t invent the skateboard.”

His products are now available in 15 different countries and are sold through Amazon. Customers can choose among eight colors of lights, including the bestselling “Radical Red” and “Lightning Lime.” Each package contains an adhesive pad and four LED lights of the same color. Each light is about an inch thick and the size of a quarter.

The Skateboard LEDs are specifically designed so that the weight won’t affect the way a trick is performed. If applied correctly, there should be no damage to the product either. Before launching his company, he spent time developing the idea and researching whether such a product would appeal to skateboarders, and he thought that it would.

There are plenty of ideas for new and useful LED lights out there – and it just isn’t the people who work them every day that have the ideas. At INITIAL-LED, we get great ideas from our customers all the time! When we have someone who asks if we sell a specific product or a product that is slightly different, it gets the gears in our heads turning. We love to conquer new projects or help you to make our current product fit into whatever you want.

If you have an idea for a new LED fixture, give us a call or leave us a message and we can talk about what is possible.



With summer right around the corner, many people are starting to think about beachside safety and lighting around the ocean, lakes, rivers, and pools they frequent during the warmer months. LED beach lights have been popping up all over the world at some of the most popular beaches, including those in New Jersey, Florida, California, the Caribbean, Australia, and throughout Europe. Oceanside LED fixtures is just the start for some beaches to improve security and safety for everyone involved. But safety isn’t the only concern that LED lights help, they also interfere less with the natural habitat, maintenance, and tourism. Why are they the best choice? They last longer, have stronger beams, run cooler, and stand up to the salt water and salty air much better than traditional lights do, as they are weatherproof LED fixtures. Finally, they are often considered the best choice for landscaping and focal points within the community. Thinking about transitioning from traditional lighting to LED lighting for a beach community? We have two suggestions:

Our 120W High Power LED Fixture with Arm is the perfect choice for beachside or bayside lighting. If you have a dock or boat slip where you need some extra light, this is a great choice. The light can be moved and directed wherever you need it to be, and the arm allows you to direct the light up or down, adjusting for the movement of the sun. This light works well to supplement the light you already have. Beachside, it is great to illuminate the sand for beach parties, bonfires, and late night dolphin watching. The 100W Outdoor LED Floodlight XS with Arm is our suggestion to illuminate the front or side of your house along the beach, providing it with a beautiful glow that will make every night safe and secure.


At INITIAL-LED, we want to provide you with the best lighting for your oceanside, bayside and any other water side you want. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have for beachside LED or waterproof LED fixtures.



Green Sense Farms, a Chicago-area commercial grower that provides food to as many as 36 states in the United States and ships worldwide is on the precipice of developing one of the largest indoor commercial farms using LED growlights. The hope is that they will be able to harvest at least twenty times per year while using 85% less energy than they have in the past. The result will reduce operation costs, increase crop yields, and help keep the prices of healthy foods low for everyone.

“We continue to innovate and perfect LED lighting for indoor growing systems that can maximize plant photosynthesis, while minimizing energy use for the most delicious and nutritious vegetables grown in a sustainable manner,” said Robert Colangelo, founding farmer/president of Green Sense Farms. “By growing our crops vertically, we are able to pack more plants per acre than we would have in a field farm, which results in more harvests per year. We produce little waste, no agricultural runoff and minimal greenhouse gasses because the food is grown where it is consumed.”

The UN predicts that our world’s population will be about 2.5 billion people by 2050, with about 80% of us living in cities – meaning that 80% of land that is suitable for growing healthy vegetables and fruits will be taken up. Currently, the extreme weather patterns across the globe have devastated crops, created much higher food prices, and created a general lack of food in developing areas. Can you imagine what the world will be like when 80% of it is occupied by buildings and roads? Indoor farming is going to be the next wave to ensure health and productivity within the human race.

Using grow lights allows farmers to keep the plants properly lit, ensuring quality and large harvests. Different types of plants have different needs, so grow lights are adjustable depending on the farmer and the plant’s preferences.

GSF has invested millions of dollars to renovate their extremely large indoor growing area consisting of many different grow lights, each customized for each plant. This method also eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, fertilizers or preservatives, which can harm humans and create sickness. The result? A product that is organically grown and virtually chemical free.

Green Sense Farms said that their goal is to build farms worldwide so that food can always be available and fresh for everyone.

Do you want to make the switch to LED grow lights? Contact one of our hydroponics consultant right away!



Architectural lighting has been entering a new era lately, as more and more architects have been building around LED lighting systems. These dynamic lighting systems allow for better changes in color and more efficiency within the entire building. The possibilities are endless with those colorful LED systems, from animations to choreographed shows.

The lighting opportunities can allow a business or brand to really personalize the outside of their building and get extra publicity. They can even announce sales or special events that are happening within the company. The return on investment on those lights are therefore huge, since as soon they are turned on, the RGB lights attract attention of customers.

This has become standard practice in buildings gracing the New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and many other large city skylines. A few of the most famous are the Symphony of Lights on Victoria Harbor, the Empire State Building’s nightly light colors, and HSBC Headquarters display.

More and more architecture companies are building around this concept, but many others are retrofitting old buildings for modern times. Here is one of our favorite lighting displays using LED lights:


With RGB strips and RGB Flood Lights, INITIAL-LED makes sure to not miss out this trend and satisfy his architecting and designing clientele. Having worked on many colorful projects that attracted millions of eyes, we are ready to take on any kinds of projects: building’s façade, art galleries, tradeshows, monument lighting, bring it on! Make sure to have a look at our amazing products on our website and give us a call at 1-855-677-3889.

LED Lighting in the Medical Field: Does Health Start from the Ceiling?


There are many advantages to having LED lighting like panel lights, wallpacks, and LED bulbs in hospitals as compared to the traditional light sources often used. These benefits include clearer lighting for surgery and examinations, fewer shadows when transporting from ambulance to hospital, and even to improve moral in waiting rooms. Lighting upgrades won’t only help staff and patients, but the population in general as it could lead to fewer outbreaks and safer roads.

For any lighting upgrades to hospitals or healthcare facilities, there needs to be an emphasis on efficiency, patient comfort, and staff preferences. Of course, hospitals also have to comply with the federal, state, and local regulations that occur. Most, if not all, of INITIAL-LED lights comply with those standards.

Many hospitals fear making the change because of the cost, but studies have shown that when the fixture price, installation cost, and consumption bills are added together, LED lighting still comes out as the better option – that’s how much money you can save with LED lighting. Much of this is because hospitals constantly operate and many lights have to be on 24/7. Lighting, on average, represents about 16% of a hospital’s budget – far too much! That halogen or fluorescent lighting you are using is severely draining you budget when it does not have to do so.

According to a recent study, 64% of hospital staff could concentrate better at work when they had LED lighting. This allows for fewer mistakes, faster turnaround times, and better morale.

No matter what lighting changes you make, or how long it takes you, switching to LED should be one of the biggest priorities of any hospital today. At INITIAL-LED, we can help you find the lights that will fit into your current lighting system. We will work with you to formulate a plan that won’t hinder the day to day functions of your hospital, but will complete the great plan you already have. Contact us today!



The global LED lighting market, spanning 80% of countries, is seeing an increase in the market at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.89% over 2014-2019, according to a report from TechNavio.

Their new report, “Global LED Lighting Market 2015-2019” emphasizes something that INITIAL-LED has seen in its own market: a decrease in the price of LED lighting and an accelerated demand for LED fixtures in the market. The decrease in prices stems from the public’s interest in the fixtures. More and more companies are making the switch, which brings down prices overall. The price also comes from many national governments offering grants to companies using LED fixtures, and an increased interest in studying the art of LED lighting. At INTIAL-LED, our team is even more passionate and we are driven to provide innovated LED lighting fixtures to our customers.

The customers buying LED lights are the greatest indicators of whether or not the tide will turn, and they have spoken. With a greater concentration on green living, customers are frequenting businesses that have proven track records of being environmentally conscious.

This new report from TechNavio also draws consumer attention to the ability of LED bulbs and fixtures to provide high-quality lighting that is also energy-efficient, compared to the low-quality fixtures that currently exist. The growing use of LEDs for lighting in a variety of industries will gain momentum during the forecast period, it is reckoned by the company.

At INITIAL-LED, we don’t want to get complacent. Because our market is growing, we are continually pushing ourselves to be better for our customers. Contact us today to ask any questions or to start moving toward the future with your business, home, or industrial space. It’s never too late to be ahead of the curve, as the market for LED lighting is only going to keep growing.

Types of LED Fixtures for mining


When it comes to lighting a mine with LED for work, tours, or even events, there are a few different options that can work. Selecting the right type of LED fixtures is easy when you talk to one of INITIAL-LED’s specialists who can help you choose what is best for your mining space. Here are a few of the different LED lighting options you will have to enlighten your mine:

LED High Bays

LED High Bays are great because they over floor to ceiling displays that will help you see the complete scene. This is great for a larger mining space that will have a lot of people moving around. More lighting on a singular apparatus means more room for movement and safer movement in the tighter spaces.

Explosion Proof LED

These LED fixtures are able to provide consistent lighting in areas likes mines where flammable vapors, gases, dust, and fibers are present. This is perfect for the different substances within the mine itself. There are a lot of variables that lights have to deal with in mining spaces, and LED fixtures will help make hazardous environments much safer.

LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights provide some of the best lighting possible for any mining activity. They give off light that won’t warp color, shapes, or sizes. This means that everything is true to life, making complex tasks easier for mining workers. Most importantly, a mining area lit with LED floodlights means that it is safer for workers. All the INTIAL-LED fixture carry the IP65 weather-resistance certification and are made for North American environments, functioning in temperatures ranging between – 40° and +55°.

No matter what type of LED lighting works for your mining projects, our specialists will be able to help you figure out the best possible approach to take. Contact our LED mining fixture specialists today with any questions or concerns at 1 855-677-3889.