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1000W LED Floodlight wins INITIAL-LED the Most Innovative Product Prize


After an intense month filled with tradeshow exhibitions, nothing could have been more rewarding to us than obtaining the Most Innovative Product prize at the Contech Tradeshow. The product which made us win that prize? None other than our famous 1000W LED Floodlight.

We use this amazing product to light up entire soccer stadiums, Olympic pools, hockey arenas, music events and other big areas in need of consistent lighting. What makes it so unique? Well, the fact that such a powerful lumen source can emerge from a low consumption technology, namely the LED.

The panel of judges was composed of engineers, environmental consultants, architects, project managers, property managers and electrical contractors, as you can see in the official Contech Prize award document. One of the reasons the judges chose INITIAL-LED, they said, is because the product is not only one of a kind in Québec, Canada, but it is also good looking and made to a high-grade quality.

Not only were the judges amazed by the product, the buyers – which were mainly electrical engineers, electrical contractors and buying department managers – were too. Many have mentioned that they admired the product’s quality, INITIAL-LED’s customer service and the 5-year-long warranty that comes with each of our products. We bet that they also appreciated the free samples of small products we gave them too!

We would like to thank our team of representatives that worked hard at the tradeshow, but also the buyers that contributed to obtaining the price. Thank you and for featuring us on your website.  For everyone we met that wants to stay in touch with us, feel free to give us a call at toll free 1 855-677-3889.

See you all next year!

Explosion-Proof LED for Industrial Fields



The industries that have to deal with hazardous and explosive elements have long relied on expensive explosion-proof lighting that made holes in their budget. Today, miners, oil and offshore workers, engineers and manufacturers can count on a more cost-effective technology to provide a safe lighting solution to their working environment. As reducing the total cost of lighting is important to every industry owner, replacement of their old lighting technology by Explosion-Proof LED fixtures should be part of their next great moves. Several benefits are to be considered when planning to replace outdated, high energy consumption lamps, floodlights and fixtures.


As LED lights have no electrodes or filaments, they are way more solid than any incandescent or gas discharge lamp. They will last longer and will eliminate the chances of explosion. In fact, Explosion-Proof LEDs are the safest light emitting devices that can be used in the mining industry and on offshore oil and gas platforms. Unlike incandescent or gas discharge lamps, LED lights are cost-effective, energy efficient and they light up as soon as you turn them on. This makes Explosion-Proof LED lights a perfect solution for industries who look forward to reduce their overall energy costs and who want to increase their incomes.


Furthermore, LED lights have an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, giving the mining and oil industries workers more time to focus on improving their productivity instead of wasting time to maintain their lighting system.


INITIAL-LED is a manufacturer and distributor who really cares for the safety of workers in the mining and oil industries, and that’s why we are proud to offer one of the most complete range of Explosion-Proof LED lighting. Give us a call at 1 855-677-3889 and see what we can do for you.

Where to Buy?


Where can you but INITIAL-LED products? We have quite a few different branches scattered all around the globe, including all over North America. Here are just a few of your options:


Our main branch is where it all started, and it is where we have the biggest amount of products. This office, in Quebec, Canada, has been operating for over ten years. Specializing in B2B LED distribution, this company reaches mostly industrial, commercial, and agricultural clients. Our “LED HQ” also offers a variety of LED services, some of them being site evaluation, relamping services, and photometric services as talked about in another blog. Call us right away to speak to one of our expert.


This younger brother to INITIAL-LED has recently become a distributor with us. Specializing in online distribution, this company has grown astronomically in the last year. They have been the best online distributor almost overnight. If you would like to buy online right now, then go visit their website at


After seeing the success of CANADA LED COMPANY, this branch, focusing on the US market, emerged. It has adopted the same strategy and showcases the company’s products online. It has had the greatest start out of any company, routinely selling out of fixtures and needing to be restocked frequently.
If you are looking to buy products from USA LED COMPANY, just go visit their website at


RONA is a residential product wholesaler in Canada, focusing in Quebec. This partnership has allowed us to have our products in 10 of its locations, allowing us to meet the residential population for our products. Our products are available at the following locations:

  • RONA Bois Idéal, Montréal
  • RONA Dagenais H & Fils INC., St-Sauveur
  • RONA l’Entrepôt Laval, Laval
  • RONA Matériaux Forget Inc., Mont-Tremblay
  • RONA Lortie & Martin, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
  • RONA l’Entrepôt Charlemagne, Charlemagne
  • Quincaillerie Piette, Saint-Gabriel-De-Brandon
  • RONA J. Lalonde & Fils Hammon, Hammond
  • RONA Entreprises Limoges, L’Assomption


Focusing in on construction, this partnership has led to some of the best distributions our company has seen. Reaching most electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and architects for commercial and industrial applications, we have used many of our outdoor LED lights with this company. LED lighting in construction is quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing demands in all building projects. Stay ahead of the curve!
If you are looking to buy from Rotec, you can go visit their website here:

KGR Solutions

With a focus on agricultural LED lights, this locations has created a great partnership with us all the way in Manitoba, Canada. Our partnership is young, but we hope to continue to see growth and continued success. We are proud to welcome KGR as one of our distributor and highly encourage you to call them at 204-981-4809.
To enquire about distribution jobs at any of these locations, please do not hesitate to contact us.



The services provided by INITIAL-LED COMPANY keep growing and growing as we expand our team with the best and brightest available to us. Here is just an overview of some of our new and improved services:


We have been working for years to improve technology for photometry testing. We have some of the most accurate measurements of light in commercial, industrial, and residential environments. With this service, we will tell you if your lighting is sufficient enough for what you are doing with it – in a business or commercial property, or even residential areas.
Having adequate lighting that meets standards is important to bolster morale, improve working conditions, and increase efficiency. It is very important to have a balanced lighting system – it will make an immediate improvement.


We have had a lot of experience evaluating current installations and seeing where we can cut costs in a change over to LED lighting. You are losing thousands of dollars each year due to incandescent lighting systems that only slow down your work and can even lead to depression.
We send one of our highly qualified LED experts to your space and calculate the consumption rates of your fixtures. Then, we show you what magic would happen if you change over to LED lighting. The magic being that money appears in your account again. Business owners can save up to 70% on the electric bills!


One of our newest ventures is into relamping – or taking businesses, old or new, and converting them to modern technologies, including LED Lighting. We replace obsolete fixtures with our quality, low-cost fixtures. Our INITIAL-LED fixtures produce less energy and are environmental-friendly, making them the best deal for your business. Our fixtures bring quick ROI while enhancing working conditions, reducing work accidents, and increasing productivity.

Our relamping services include:

  • Technical inspection of the current fixtures
  • Estimation
  • Analytics of energy economy and recommendations
  • Supplying INITIAL-LED’s lighting products
  • Scheduling future inspections of your LED fixtures

Start benefiting from INITIAL-LED’s products and services right away! Call us at 1 855-677-3889 and see how much you can gain with INITIAL-LED’s photometry, evaluation, and relamping services today!

LED Technology within the Marine Industry


LED has come a long way since it was invented in 1961 by American scientist Robert Biard and Gary Pittman Working for Texas Instruments.

It was much later that the industry realized how important this discovery was to mankind, the application where fairly limited due to the very low power of the firsts electroluminescent diodes (LED).

Nowadays, LED lights are capable of reaching very high output making them real contenders to Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs.

The marine Industry took this some time to eventually get some of the firsts few benefit emanating from this breakthrough technology. Sailboats and small motor boats owners where the first to embrace the low power consumption offered by LED’s.

With the appearances of Explosion Proof LED fixtures, a whole new market is born, a market that will change the way Oil Rigs as well as Merchant ships (Oil Tanker, Freight Carrier, Cruise Liners, etc) light up their surrounding while on dark nights out at sea.

Quite often large generators are used to power the boats and a high number of their consumption is going directly to the light output. Of course lighting up a small floating city doesn’t goes without a huge cost in fuel consumption. Fuel being so coveted these days; major players in the industry are looking ad LED Lights to scale down on those electricity generating cost.

With units and LED fixtures now ranging from 30W to 240W the shipping, oil carriers and cruise ships now have a safe way to create light while reducing their carbon footprint.  With electrical savings in the 70% range this low hanging fruit should be one of the first one to be picked by those shipping companies.

LED Lights Manufacturer INITIAL-LED was the first to recognize this upcoming need while allocating some of it’s R&D resources to create a never seen before Ex Certified Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2 as well as Class2 Div 2 such as the 240W LED Explosion proof fixtures meeting the ATEX directives.

The ATEX directives help protect the end users by providing a clear set of rules in regards to LED Explosion proof fixtures installation and manufacturing procedures.  More information can be found on the different classes and specifications.

Oil Rigs and Tankers greatly need this technology that will help them reduce and maintain sustainability over time.

INITIAL-LED has created a team of Integration Specialists whose task is to help customers implement this new technology into those huge floating objects that are Cruise Ships, Oil Rigs, Freighters and Super tankers.

We can now see a clear possibility that those huge fuel sipping vessels will soon be within acceptable range of carbon emission.

LED manufacturers, bringing improvements to developing regions


With LED manufacturers now firmly established in helping to produce the next wave of advances in lighting, energy efficiency and cost savings in Canada, the United States and Europe, social-aid organizations are getting in on the act in concert with these LED manufacturers to help improve living conditions in developing countries and in under-served communities around the world.

LED manufacturers are collaborating in increasing numbers with aid organizations like Unite To Light in working to get cheaper, more efficient and longer-lasting LED light bulbs, LED grow lights, LED street lights and other cutting-edge light-emitting diodes into communities, towns and regions that need them to improve home, school and work life.

The latest generation of LED lighting produced by LED manufacturers has already been proven to be significantly more efficient and long-lasting, less polluting and cheaper to produce than traditional light bulbs. Now the non-profit Unite To Light and other groups are making use of research advances in solar-powered technologies to provide solar-powered LED lamps and LED lighting systems to aid organizations working around the globe.

A Powerful Motivator for Innovative LED Manufacturers

The benefits of LED manufacturers developing these new hyper-efficient and clean LED bulbs and of organizations like Unite To Light putting them in the hands of aid groups that are on the ground in areas that need them the most are significant, to say the least. It means that town administrations, families, small businesses and students alike can improve their living and working conditions, plus increase productivity and literacy levels, all without the need for accessing a major power grid and while avoiding costly infrastructure investments and environmental pollution. For an LED manufacturer here in Canada, this is in every way a powerful motivator to continue developing ever cleaner and cheaper LED lights and systems.

According to it Executive Director Dawn O’Bar, Unite To Light has already delivered over 60,000 LED lamps to aid organizations and to communities around the world, notably in Latin America and Africa. By their estimate, perhaps in the area of 250,000 people have benefited from the presence of these lamps developed and built by LED manufacturers here and abroad.

LED light bulb manufacturer featuring the full range of LED products


As an LED light bulb manufacturer that has been at the forefront of the Canadian market and the spectacular growth in recent years in sales of LED light bulbs in this country, INITIAL-LED has long experience in the manufacture and sale of heavy-duty LED bulbs, LED track lighting, LED panel lights, LED grow lights and more. The number of LED light bulb manufacturers in Quebec and in Canada continues to grow as demand reaches new heights, but few have the experience and knowledge of these cutting-edge products that INITIAL-LED benefits from.

Of course, when we think of LED light bulb manufacturers and their products we think first of the move towards replacing the old, inefficient bulbs in our homes, and that is a huge part of the growth in this market to be sure. But for LED manufacturers the market extends far beyond that. Cities from Winnipeg to Kingston and beyond have or are planning to replace their street lights with new state-of-the-art LED street lighting and are turning to LED light bulb manufacturers to offer them the products they need. The savings that this change offers municipalities is clear and long-lasting, plus creation of better-lit public spaces is having a positive effect on safety as well.

Canadian LED light bulb manufacturers are also working hard to meet the growing demand for commercial and industrial LED lighting for businesses in a wide range of different industries. An exciting new product developed by INITIAL-LED is its line of LED explosion-proof lights. These rugged LED light bulbs are functional in temperatures as low as -40°C, an important consideration for companies in Alberta’s oil industry as well as for forestry companies, for example. Installable indoors and out, the explosion-proof LEDs remain functional and safe even in the presence of flammable vapours, gases or dust particles.

As an LED light bulb manufacturer catering to the commercial market in Canada and the United States, INITIAL-LED also offers a line of high-quality LED panel lights for use in offices. Companies opting for a changeover to these cutting-edge panel LEDs are finding that the significant long-term savings they get complement the improved lighting that helps keep their workforce happier and more productive. They’re turning to LED light bulb manufacturers like INITIAL-LED because they know their own businesses will be better for the change.

And of course, no LED light bulb manufacturer can ignore the potential and actual growth in demand for LED grow lights as more and more individuals, farmers and coops exploit the possibilities of indoor growing. INITIAL-LED has created a full line of growing lights to meet this niche. Their aim as an LED light bulb manufacturer is to look beyond the bottom line to helping improve not only efficiency for growers but help society move to towards greater sustainability.

Explosion-Proof LED Lights


Explosion-Proof Led lights by INITIAL LED

Though our explosion-proof light-emitting diode (LED) lamps have available for about six months, they are the product of five and a half years of research and development prior to that. Explosion-proof LED lights perform in environments in which gas, dust and inflammable fibres are present. This type of LED lighting is particularly practical in the mining, oil, military and petrochemical fields, as well as in gasoline-vending centres.

The common thread among these industries is the presence of dangerous materials, which is why our LED light bulbs play an essential role in them: as our LED bulbs are completely sealed, they can be installed in environments with 100% oxygen saturation without creating any danger of fire or explosion.

INITIAL-LED’s explosion-proof LED lamps and LED panels are among the most solid and durable items we produce. For example, an LED strip light, LED grow light or LED spotlight is functional at temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 55°C. In addition, our LED light fixtures and other products (bulbs, LED projectors, lamps, halogen bulbs, strip lighting and exterior LED lights) meet the safety norms established by the world’s most highly renowned testing laboratory for the Class 1, Division 1 category, and the IPEX and ATEX certification they carry means they guarantee a highly safe work environment.

As LEDs have a lifespan that can easily extend over 50,000 hours, they provide energy savings of up to 75%. A worker in one of the industries mentioned earlier can thus expect to need to change an LED bulb much less often than any other type of light. The goal of LED lighting is to improve work efficiency, save valuable time and ensure maximal safety. It has also been proven that investing in LED light strips, LED grow lights, LED bars, LED flood lights and other LED products becomes profitable very quickly thank to their long lifespans.

If you’re in the market to buy LED lights and want to make sure you obtain the best LED light bulbs for your needs, you can learn more about our large or small LED lights, LED strips, projectors, dimmable LED lamps, halogen lights and LED exterior lights, including all our explosion-proof lighting products; simply contact us online or by telephone at 1-855-677-3889.