1000W LED Floodlight wins INITIAL-LED the Most Innovative Product Prize


After an intense month filled with tradeshow exhibitions, nothing could have been more rewarding to us than obtaining the Most Innovative Product prize at the Contech Tradeshow. The product which made us win that prize? None other than our famous 1000W LED Floodlight.

We use this amazing product to light up entire soccer stadiums, Olympic pools, hockey arenas, music events and other big areas in need of consistent lighting. What makes it so unique? Well, the fact that such a powerful lumen source can emerge from a low consumption technology, namely the LED.

The panel of judges was composed of engineers, environmental consultants, architects, project managers, property managers and electrical contractors, as you can see in the official Contech Prize award document. One of the reasons the judges chose INITIAL-LED, they said, is because the product is not only one of a kind in Québec, Canada, but it is also good looking and made to a high-grade quality.

Not only were the judges amazed by the product, the buyers – which were mainly electrical engineers, electrical contractors and buying department managers – were too. Many have mentioned that they admired the product’s quality, INITIAL-LED’s customer service and the 5-year-long warranty that comes with each of our products. We bet that they also appreciated the free samples of small products we gave them too!

We would like to thank our team of representatives that worked hard at the tradeshow, but also the buyers that contributed to obtaining the price. Thank you and for featuring us on your website.  For everyone we met that wants to stay in touch with us, feel free to give us a call at toll free 1 855-677-3889.

See you all next year!

LED Floodlight: For Multiple Applications


Whether you want to illuminate your garden, backyard, house, a billboard, parking lot, warehouse, commercial building, indoor stadium, field or even a cargo ship, LED floodlights represent the ultimate solution. Ranging from ten (10) to more than a thousand (1000) watts, INITIAL-LED floodlights have spread rapidly into the North American and European lighting markets. LED floodlights have always been a flagship product, thanks to the high quality of light they emit at low energy costs. Not only their lifespan exceeds that of outdated HID floodlights (60,000 to 100,000 hours instead of 2,500-3,000 hours), but they also consume less energy, making them an eco-friendly source of light.

INITIAL-LED floodlights are offered in a whole range of wattage and voltage so that they can match different uses. The XS Series is suitable for commercial and industrial use, as well as for use in public parks and in stadiums. Those weather-resistant floodlights require very low maintenance as they can be wiped with a wet cloth, and their powerful output makes them the perfect light source for cargo ships and for airports’ tarmacs, where employees work day and night.

For residential and recreational use, the 12V LED floodlights are what you need! Their very low energy consumption combined with their solid constitution allow you to use them to light your sailboat or even to light a cottage that is operating on solar, wind or battery power.

Last but not least, the RGB LED floodlights offer vast colour choices that enable you to create the atmosphere you want in your garden, your landscape or your water fountain. They include color-changing capabilities and come with a convenient remote control so you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood.


For more information about our products or to make your first order, make sure to give us a call at 1 855-677-3889.

Explosion-Proof LED for Industrial Fields



The industries that have to deal with hazardous and explosive elements have long relied on expensive explosion-proof lighting that made holes in their budget. Today, miners, oil and offshore workers, engineers and manufacturers can count on a more cost-effective technology to provide a safe lighting solution to their working environment. As reducing the total cost of lighting is important to every industry owner, replacement of their old lighting technology by Explosion-Proof LED fixtures should be part of their next great moves. Several benefits are to be considered when planning to replace outdated, high energy consumption lamps, floodlights and fixtures.


As LED lights have no electrodes or filaments, they are way more solid than any incandescent or gas discharge lamp. They will last longer and will eliminate the chances of explosion. In fact, Explosion-Proof LEDs are the safest light emitting devices that can be used in the mining industry and on offshore oil and gas platforms. Unlike incandescent or gas discharge lamps, LED lights are cost-effective, energy efficient and they light up as soon as you turn them on. This makes Explosion-Proof LED lights a perfect solution for industries who look forward to reduce their overall energy costs and who want to increase their incomes.


Furthermore, LED lights have an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, giving the mining and oil industries workers more time to focus on improving their productivity instead of wasting time to maintain their lighting system.


INITIAL-LED is a manufacturer and distributor who really cares for the safety of workers in the mining and oil industries, and that’s why we are proud to offer one of the most complete range of Explosion-Proof LED lighting. Give us a call at 1 855-677-3889 and see what we can do for you.

LED Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening


Because of the cold Canadian winters, growing outdoor vegetables and fruits all year round can be a difficult undertaking. It is unfortunately not possible for all the farmers to rely on greenhouse cultivation, which can be highly expensive. Not only must you have good lighting to ensure the growth of your plants, but you must also have an efficient air conditioning. In fact, traditional HPS grow lights produce heat that increases your overall energy costs. All these factors can lead you to abandon indoor vegetable growing and its profits. All of this is now history with LED Grow Lights.


You can now benefit from indoor gardening at a cost-effective price by switching to LED technologies. LED grow lights such as those manufactured by INITIAL-LED have many advantages:

They are energy efficient

  • Since 90% of energy consumption is used to produce light,LED grow lights generate little heat and thus reduce the need for air conditioning. Reducing your greenhouse temperature and your power consumption will allow you to save a lot on energy costs.

They are long-lasting

  • As LED lights normally have a lifespan of around 60,000 hours, you will not have to worry about constantly changing your lamps. This represents more savings over time and makes indoor growing affordable for many farmers.

They are optimized for plants growth

  • Because of their full color spectrum, which accurately reproduces the sun’s spectrum, LED grow lights provide to your plants the light and phytochromes they need to grow faster, bigger and healthier.



INITIAL-LED offers grow lights solutions that are suitable for many agricultural applications, from hydroponics to horticulture, greenhouses, medicinal cannabis culture, seeding, planting, farming, gardening and flower exhibition. Give us a call now at 1 855-677-3889 for more advices on our LED products.

Our new website made by INITIAL-MEDIAS


Our new website is finally finished after months of hard work. We wanted to give a special shout out to the INITIAL-MEDIAS team that did a fantastic job. The guys at INITIAL-MEDIAS listened to our needs, creating an up-to-date, responsive and beautiful website. They lived up to the hype!

Other than programming, INITIAL-MEDIAS offers various services that are truly helping for businesses of all sizes:

-Reputation Management
-Blog writing
-Social Media Marketing

Whether you have an existing website that needs a little redesign or don’t have any website yet, make sure to give the INITIAL-MEDIAS team a call.


Initial-LED-New York-Lighting-Ban-Will-LEDS-help

New York City might be the city that never sleeps, but some people are trying to fight the city on its tendency to leave its lights on. In the past, it seemed like the city was always moving and bustling because the office buildings were always lit up. However, Councilman Donovan Richards wants to change that for the sake of the city’s carbon footprint.

According to the New York Post, Richards has introduced legislation that would require owners of about 40,000 commercial buildings to turn off their lights at night. The idea behind this legislation is to reduce greenhouse emission by 80% by 2050. Any building that lets its lights on overnight will pay a $1,000 fine. So far, the Empire State Building has been given an exemption.

Many building owners are already complaining that it would ruin the look of their business and of the city:

“Lighting in our commercial buildings is important for our city’s productivity, and for the safety of our tenants, staff and neighbors,” Real Estate Board of New York Vice President Angela Sung Pinsky testified at a council hearing.

However, there are many supporters for the cause as well, including architectural historian Sandy Isenstadt who said:

“Thanks to advances in technology, lighting is being reinvented. New ways of producing illumination and assessing its effects are leading to a new understanding of the physiology and psychology of vision. Crucially, we also realize how much light, and the energy required to produce it, have been wasted, whether through bad designs or by being misdirected and casually tossed out into the night, obscuring the stars. At the same time, the lighting design profession has blossomed, conjuring luminous effects that are evocative, responsive to local conditions and that promote security, as well as being environmentally sound… In short, the high-wattage nighttime New York skyline we know and cherish is an artifact of a different time and a very different world.”

So what might Isenstadt be pointing at? It could be LED lighting! City LED lights have been proven worldwide to cut down on consumption and lower greenhouse emissions. Many LED lights have been fortified for urban environments, including LED building lights and City LEDs.

But why stop at the buildings? Parts of New York already have LED streetlights – so why not go all the way and make all streetlights LED fixtures?

Want to know more about how LED lights can lower your carbon footprint? Send us a message and we will be happy to talk to you more!



Attention Walmart shoppers! The retail giant has been facing some negative press lately, so we are about to give them some good news! CEO Greg Foran is starting big – he’s replacing the lighting in almost all of his stores with LED lighting to lower the company’s carbon footprint!

Retail LED has been one of the biggest growing sectors in the LED market thanks to fashion houses and big box retailers alike using them.

So why is Foran making the switch? He did some investigating and found what we have known for years: LED retails stores have more guest traffic, sell more, and have lower bills!

“We want this year to be the year of improving our stores,” Foran told investors in April, according to a transcipt of his remarks. “So by the time we hit holiday season, our stores are clean, tidy, well merchandised and run by engaged associates. Today in the main, we’re not.”

He talked about making his stores a better place: “I am pleased to tell you that this project is now well underway and we’ll roll it out sensibly and carefully over the next 18 months to 24 months. We’re establishing customer decision trees based on data about how our customers shop; building substitutability in loyalty tool to assist with choice; and driving disciplines around the design and building of modulus and store all of this and much more fits into the space.”

LED lighting fixtures help with displays, safety, and cleanliness. Not only that, but it has been shown to put shoppers in a better mood and boost the amount of money they spend by nearly 20%.

Not only that, but LED parking lights and LED wallpacks will help the 24-hour retailers bring in more customers overnight. The lights will help customers feel safer and more secure parking and walking into the stores.

To get an idea of how to incorporate LED lights into your business, even if you aren’t quite the retail giant that Walmart is (and really, who is?), contact us today to find out what you could really benefit from.



Your bathroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. No matter what you are using it for, it should be designed to relax and wind down from your long day of work, schooling, or parenting. That means that your lights should add to that ambiance while still allowing for you to see – after all, bathrooms can be dangerous! You want to be able to see in the shadows, but you also want to see anything on the floor, including water.

So how can you use decorative LED lights to make your bathroom feel like a spa? Here are three approaches:


Downlights give concentrated streams of light that add to the overall mood of your bathroom. Use them so that you don’t have to have overhead lighting that will just give you a headache. Instead, use downlights in your bathroom to supplement that lovely candlelight that you use to relax in the bathtub.

Track Lights

Track lights are a great addition to your bathroom if you have a raised bathtub. Why? It will make it safer for stepping in and out of the tub, and will give you just the right amount of light. You can also use it to light the sharp corners on the floor, especially in the bathroom of someone who is a little older.

Finally, use track lights to create a customized display on your wall! Check Pinterest for ideas on how to bring out the best of your bathroom using track lighting.

Tube Lights

Many older homes use fluorescent tubes in their lighting, which are often harsh and hurt your eyes. Instead, use our LED tube lights. It will make your bathroom a much more pleasant place to be – no matter what you are doing.

If you are thinking about redoing your bathroom or building a corporate office with LED lights, design LEDs and specialized fixtures will be the best way to make sure that everything is clean and safe. To talk to one of our customer service representatives, leave us a message here and we will get back to you.



When you read our blog, you might find yourself encountering some numbers that you don’t understand and us calling it the “color temperature.” When you are looking for LED lights to purchase, one of the biggest things you should look at it color temperature.

But what is color temperature? Let’s delve in:

Color temperature is “the temperature of a black body at which it emits the light of a specific spectral distribution used to specify the color of a light source.”

Makes sense? Probably not – that definition is even confusing to us.

Basically it means what color we see – much simpler.

LED lights and everything range from very warm to very cool.

For instance, INITIAL-LED’s lights range from Warm White (2700-2500k), Commercial White (5000-5500k), and Cool White (6000-6500k).

Those are just a few of the colors that LED lights can hit, and color changing LEDs can range almost anywhere on the spectrum.

Why does it matter?

If you aren’t converting all of your lighting at one time, color temperature matters so that you can match your lights. Even if you are replacing everything, you should know what is best for your office or company. For example, you might not want to use warm ambient lighting in your office, because it wouldn’t foster a productive environment.

What do we suggest?

For most of the projects that we see that are for offices or retail spaces, we recommend cool white lights. We also recommend cool white for retail spaces. For those who are using LED fixtures in their homes, we suggest warm white lights.

Need more information?

If you are unsure about what lighting to use or you want to learn more about the different color temperatures, that’s okay! Give us a call and talk to one of our customer service representatives to find out more today!

LED Lights Lead Fight Against Malaria


Researchers who have been trying to find a way to fight off the parasitic infection malaria have come up with a surprising solution: LED lighting.

Huffington Post reports that the disease, which is spread by female mosquitos, killed 584,000 people in 2014, mostly in the poor areas of Africa.

When scientists from the University of Southern California (USC), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Philips Research, based in the Netherlands, researched the travelling patterns of female mosquitos, they found that they were far less attracted to LED lighting than they were to other types of lights, including fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

“For places in the world where glass windows and screens are uncommon, reducing insect attraction to indoor lights is a big deal,” Travis Longcore, lead author of the study and a professor at USC, told Fast Company.

They have been researching the technology for some time and have found that customized LED lighting can help people from all over the world ward off mosquitos, not just those in developing nations. Plus, they are better for the environment, which is a sticking point for most people in their crusades against mosquitos.

Of course, more mosquitos were attracted to LED lights than they were to complete darkness, but that is to be expected. Since the study and the introduction of LED lighting to the fight, the global amount of deaths from malaria have dropped nearly 47%, according to the World Health Organization. With more and more people switching to LEDS, that number will only get smaller, we can hope.

If you would like to learn more about our lighting fixtures and bulbs that will help you keep your patio, poolside, and even your home free and clear of mosquitos, give us a call or leave us a message today. Our customer service representatives would love to talk with you about your options.