After an intense month filled with tradeshow exhibitions, nothing could have been more rewarding to us than obtaining the Most Innovative Product prize at the Contech Tradeshow. The product which made us win that prize? None other than our famous 1000W LED Floodlight.

We use this amazing product to light up entire soccer stadiums, Olympic pools, hockey arenas, music events and other big areas in need of consistent lighting. What makes it so unique? Well, the fact that such a powerful lumen source can emerge from a low consumption technology, namely the LED.

The panel of judges was composed of engineers, environmental consultants, architects, project managers, property managers and electrical contractors, as you can see in the official Contech Prize award document. One of the reasons the judges chose INITIAL-LED, they said, is because the product is not only one of a kind in Québec, Canada, but it is also good looking and made to a high-grade quality.

Not only were the judges amazed by the product, the buyers – which were mainly electrical engineers, electrical contractors and buying department managers – were too. Many have mentioned that they admired the product’s quality, INITIAL-LED’s customer service and the 5-year-long warranty that comes with each of our products. We bet that they also appreciated the free samples of small products we gave them too!

We would like to thank our team of representatives that worked hard at the tradeshow, but also the buyers that contributed to obtaining the price. Thank you voirvert.ca and portailconstructo.ca for featuring us on your website.  For everyone we met that wants to stay in touch with us, feel free to give us a call at toll free 1 855-677-3889.

See you all next year!